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September 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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Independent Schools at Risk
Accepting Government Money Leads to a Loss of Independence

School-to-Work: A Large Step Down the Road to Serfdom
The Founding Fathers Were Correct in Not Assigning the Federal Government a Role in Education

The Central Fallacy of Public Schooling
Indoctrination of the Young Is Public Schooling's Overriding Intent

Subsidized Education
Why Do Increases in College Tuition Appear Inexorable?

The Bathtub, Mencken, and War
How Mencken Employed a Hoax to Demonstrate Journalistic Inaccuracies

Economic Calculation Revisited
Government Economic Intervention Produces Crises All Over the World

Liberty in Perfection: Freedom in Native American Thought
We Can Learn Much from Amerindian Notions of the Individual, the Group, and the Law

Break This Vile Addiction
The War on Drugs Is Immoral

Taxation by Litigation Threatens Every American Business
Abuse of the Legal System Is a Manifestation of Greed Run Amok

A Superpowers Prerogative
America Should Use Its Power Responsibly

The Hazards of Truth-Telling
Speaking Freely Can Produce Greatness, but at What Cost?

They Were Right
KGB Files Prove Beyond a Doubt That High-Level Soviet Spies in the United States Were Real

A World Without the FDA
Drugs Would Be Riskier, but Current Safety Rules Have Costs

Voucher Advocates, Take Heed
Where There Is Government, There Is Control

The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law
How Should We Address the Fundamental Problems of Knowledge, Interest, and Power?

The Lost Literature of Socialism
Did the Nazis Owe the Idea and Practice of Genocide to Marx and the Marxists?

Freedom to Trade: Refuting the New Protectionism
Well Written and Cogently Argued

The Roosevelt Myth
An Excellent, Thoroughly Documented Chronicle

Ludwig von Mises's Human Action: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation
Celebrating the Most Rigorously Reasoned Argument for Capitalism

Bad Investment
Investing the Social Security Trust Fund in Corporate Equities Would Be Riddled with Perils

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