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September 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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Leonard E. Read, Crusader
The Freedom Philosophy Remains an Ideal Worth Striving For

The Essence of Americanism
The Ideas of Self-Reliance and Private Property Created a Spiritual, Political, and Economic Revolution

An Environment of Freedom
The Umbrella of Environmental Issues Is Curtailing Our Freedoms

Sustainable Development: Common Sense or Nonsense on Stilts?
Society Has Long Sustained Development Without the Guidance of Green State Planners

The Mythology of Roosevelt and the New Deal
Roosevelt Was a Resourceful Political Opportunist

Smuggled Cigarettes, Unteachable Politicians
High Cigarette Taxes Have Predictable Consequences

If Rates of Return Matter, Social Security Is a Goner
Privatization Ought to Be a No-Brainer

Is Anyone Still for Limited Government?
Spontaneous Order, Not Government Programs, Makes America Great

Its an Economy, Not a Machine
The Federal Reserve Is a Would-Be Central Planner

Plenty of Room at the Inn
San Francisco's Hotel Conversion Ordinance Is a Subterfuge for Generating Revenue

Lessons from Homeschooling
Education Bureaucrats Specialize in Political Lobbying, Not Education

Leonard Read: Light Giver
Read Influenced Generations of True Liberals

It Just Ain't So!
The Free Market Produced Extensive Information about the Health Hazards of Smoking

Islam and the Discovery of Freedom
A Message of Liberty for Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike

Risk and Business Cycles: New and Old Austrian Perspectives
Is the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle Implausible?

Global Taxes for World Government
The United Nations Has a Radical Agenda

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