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September 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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The Perversity of Doing Good at Others' Expense
Wealth Transfers Destroy the Discipline and Accountability That Make Real Virtue Possible

Discovery and Economic Freedom
It Makes Little Economic Sense to Try to Alter Outcomes by Regulating Citizens

Guardians of the Constitution or Watching Out for Their Own?
Judges Are Charged with the Sacred Duty of Protecting the Rights of All Citizens

Federal Government Growth Before the New Deal
Lincoln and Wilson Set Precedents for Government Spending

Market-Based Environmentalism vs. the Free Market
Market-Based Environmentalism Attempts to Impose Personal Attitudes on Society

Mises's Legacy for Feminists

Government and Disaster Relief
Federal Disaster Relief Displaces More Effective Private Charity

Military Follies and Memorial Day Memories
Many Young Americans' Sacrifices Had Nothing to Do with Freedom

Getting Published: An Austrian Triumph
Austrian Economists' Influence Is Growing

The Nanny State
Popular Sentiment Against Tobacco Companies Holds that Americans Cannot Make Sensible Choices

The Right to Medical Care
A Government that Controls Medical Spending Controls the Length of Your Life

The Concise Conservative Encyclopedia by Brad Miner
A Valuable Contribution to Any Student of Liberty's Library

The Diversity Machine: The Drive to Change the White Male Workplace by Frederick R. Lynch
Where Will Irrational Ethnic and Gender Group Consciousness Lead Us?

The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America: Since 1945, 2nd edition by George H. Nash
Fascinating Coverage of Key Players and Ideas

The Young Entrepreneur's Guide To Starting and Running a Business by Steve Mariotti
Mariotti Helps Make Society More Educated and More Prosperous

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