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September 1996

Volume 46, 1996


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Must the News Media Be Inimical to Freedom?

The News Media Make the Selling of Liberty Difficult
September 01 1996 by ,

Freedom and Language

Corruption of Political Language Is the Greatest Threat to Freedom
September 01 1996 by ,

Two Cases of Press Malpractice

Responsible Journalists Would Learn Basic Economics
September 01 1996 by ,

Obscenity: The Case for a Free Market in Free Speech

Government Censorship Makes Children of Us All
September 01 1996 by ,

Who Put the E in E-Mail?

Email Actually Provides What Government Mail Can't
September 01 1996 by ,

Is the Public Served by the Public Interest Standard?

The Standard Discourages Industry Competition and Innovation
September 01 1996 by ,

The Virtues of Free Speech

Freedom of Speech Is Connected to Human Excellence
September 01 1996 by ,

The Entrepreneur as a Defender of Liberty

Entrepreneurs Doggedly Pursue Private Interests
September 01 1996 by ,

Charles James Fox, Valiant Voice for Liberty

Fox Was the Voice of the Opposition Nearly All His Career
September 01 1996 by ,

Wartime provides the toughest test for a defender of liberty. That's when governments everywhere tend to censor, jail, and even execute opponents. Charles James Fox became a legend for defending liberty during not one but two major wars. Uniquely among great British political figures, he spent almost his entire Parliamentary career—38 years—in the Opposition.

Reviving a Civil Society

Private Initiatives Strengthen Society
September 01 1996 by ,

“Taxes,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., “are what we pay for civilized society.” But as my fellow Freeman columnist Mark Skousen explained in his remarkable monograph “Persuasion vs. Force,” a much better case can be made that taxation is actually the price we pay for the lack of civilization. If people took better care of themselves, their families, and those in need around them, government would shrink and society would be stronger as a result.

In Service of a Boondoggle

Private Service Needs Neither Oversight nor Subsidy from Uncle Sam
September 01 1996 by ,

Growing Income Disparity

Policies Designed to Reduce Economic Inequality Are Bound to Fail
September 01 1996 by ,

Restoring Hope in America: The Social Security Solution and Let's Get Rid of Social Security: How Americans Can Take Charge of Their Own Future

These Books' Promised "Win-Win" Solutions Are Untenable
September 01 1996 by , , ,

Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington

Washington Was a Man of Both Ideas and Action
September 01 1996 by ,

The Flat Tax: Freedom, Fairness, Jobs, and Growth

Government Takes a Huge Bite out of National Income
September 01 1996 by ,

The Anatomy of an International Monetary Regime: The Classical Gold Standard 1880-1914

The Gold Standard Could Work Once Again
September 01 1996 by ,

The Future of Capitalism

A Disappointing Volume of Anti-Market Clichés
September 01 1996 by , ,

It's No Gamble: The Economic and Social Benefits of Stock Markets

The Stock Market Pools Funds and Spreads Risks
September 01 1996 by , , ,

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