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September 1995

Volume 45, 1995

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Taking Money Back: Part I
Money Is Different from All Other Commodities

Free Market Economists: 400 Years Ago
Tracing the True Origins of Pro-Market Thinking

The Ethics of War: Hiroshima and Nagasaki After 50 Years
Was the Atomic Bomb Necessary to End World War II?

The Crusade for Politically Correct Consumption
Neo-Puritanism Is Running Amok

Legislation and Law in a Free Society
Legislation-Based Systems Have Pernicious Effects

The Minimum Wage's Dirty Little Secret
The Minimum Wage Hurts Those It Pretends to Help

It's Time to Privatize Unemployment Insurance
Insurance and Savings Decisions Should Be Personal

Is There a Right to Work?
Fundamental Confusion About the Meaning of the Word "Right" Is Dangerous

Freedom: An Endangered Species
What Jurisdiction Does the Federal Government Have Over Private Lands?

What Free Trade Really Means
America Must Reject the False Dilemma of Managed Versus Regulated Trade

H. L. Mencken, America's Wittiest Defender of Liberty
Mencken Was America's Foremost Newspaperman and Literary Critic

Persuasion or Popularity?
Some Misconceive the Purpose of a Column in a Magazine of Ideas

Budget Debate, Washington-Style
To Balance the Budget, We Must Rethink the Purpose of Government

Freedom for Everyone . . . Except the Immigrant
Forbes's Peter Brimelow Takes an Anti-Immigration Stance

A $5 Trillion National Debt
Federal Spending Punishes Private Production and Consumption

The Other Washington
The Welfare State Is an Idea Whose Time Has Fled

A Second Mencken Chrestomathy
Mencken's Spirit Refuses to Depart

The Politics of Envy: Statism as Theology
Bad Policy Drives Out Good Morals

The Elgar Companion to Austrian Economics
A Collection of Writings by Spokesmen for the Free Market

The State is Rolling Back: Essays in Persuasion
Seldon Makes the Continuing Case for Capitalism

A Moral Basis for Liberty
Entrepreneurs Must Be Other-Regarding

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