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September 1973

Volume 23, 1973


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No Shortage of Gold

September 01 1973 by ,

When money is politically managed instead of market-determined, the result is inflation and economic chaos.

Portrait of an Evil Man

September 01 1973 by ,

The world-impact of Karl Marx and his message.

Hobson's Choice

September 01 1973 by ,

Not the head politician but the individual citizen determines the nature of the economy and body politic.

The Limits of Credulity

September 01 1973 by ,

An analysis of the dilemma of revisionist historians in their attempt to justify postwar foreign policy.

A Weary Distance

September 01 1973 by ,

By the sweat of one's brow does his garden grow?

Was Plato a Collectivist?

September 01 1973 by ,

Plato outgrew his youthful dreams of communal living.

Economics and the Press

September 01 1973 by ,

Why the press must be free of subsidies.


September 01 1973 by ,

Imitation of the idle rich, while despising productivity and abundance, is a form of mass suicide.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1973/9

September 01 1973 by ,

"Eyewitness to History" by Isaac Don Levine

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