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October 2007

Volume 57, 2007

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Thank You, Internal-Combustion Engine, for Cleaning up the Environment
Widespread Pollution from Horse Manure Caused Diseases and Produced Methane Gas

Are High Taxes the Basis of Freedom and Prosperity?
High Tax Rates in Nordic Countries Stifle Economic Development and Personal Freedom

Book Reviews - October 2007

Last Taxpayer Standing

Milton Friedman Is to Blame for Unsafe Food?
Krugman's Cry Understates the Market's Ability to Provide Food-Quality Assurance

The American Spirit of Enterprise
Unending Growth of the Interventionist Welfare State Threatens America's Greatness

Hans F. Sennholz, 1922–2007
The Legacy of One Man's Devotion to Liberty

Medicalizing Quackery
Medicalization Is Not Medicine or Science; It Is a Semantic-Social Strategy

Freedom and Benevolence Go Together
Libertarians Want Everyone to Be Free Partly because They Care about Others

Putting a Bureaucrat in Your Tank: Gasoline Markets and Regulation
Government Regulation of Gasoline Has Created a Fragmented Market and Vulnerability to Price Spikes

Can We Be Free If Reason Is the Slave of the Passions?
Hume Was a Prime Agent in the Modern Intellectuals’ Fight against the Philosophy of Natural Law

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