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October 2003

Volume 53, 2003

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The FTC Gets in Its Licks
The Federal Trade Commission Isn't Doing Consumers Any Favors

Strangling the Golden State's Golden Goose
Regulations Are Killing California's Business Climate

The State of the Air: Propaganda, Not Science
How the American Lung Association Uses Junk Science for Political Advocacy

Ludwig von Mises: A Voice for Freedom and Principle
Mises Understood the Dangers Humanity Faces

China's Historic Error
What Halted China's Economic Development?

Is Socialism Good in Theory?
Socialism Should Be Discredited on Moral Grounds, Too

Pensions: A Wordwide, But Avoidable Crisis
Nationalized Pensions Are Going Bust

Understanding Austrian Economics, Part 1
Understanding Founder Carl Menger's Contributions to the Field

Atomistic Individualism: Anatomy of a Smear
There Are Alternatives to Hobbesian Individualism

Title IX and the Law of Unintended Consequences
How Legislation Intended to Increase Fitness Did the Opposite

Joseph P. Overton: Character for a Free Society
Joe Overton Had His Priorities Straight and Was Honest in All Matters

Medical Care and Market Forces
Economics Matters Even Though Life Doesn't Match Textbooks

Deregulation Caused the Great Blackout of 2003?
The Optimal Organization of Private Electric-Power Companies Can Only Be Determined by Free Markets

Book Reviews - October 2003

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