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October 2002

Volume 52, 2002

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The Peril to Our Privacy
Americans Are Losing the Freedom to Maintain Confidential Doctor-Patient Relationships

The Redistribution of Blame
Are Executives More Blameworthy Than Politicians?

I, Government
Why Do I Inspire Such Wonder and Awe?

How Not to Combat Corporate Corruption
Coping with the Principal-Agent Problem

Airline Protectionism Hurts Travelers
Removing Protectionist Restrictions Should Substantially Improve Air Travel

Race, Inequality, and the Market
The Free Market Is Not the Source of Black Underachievement

They Learned from the Workers
Polish Students Learned First-Hand Why Socialism Doesn't Work

Beware "New Urbanism"
Smart Growth Advocates Are Convinced That Their Ideas Are Morally Superior

Library Story
Libraries Should Be Funded by User Fees, Not Taxpayer Dollars

Why the Poor Need Property Rights
How Property Rights for Street Vendors Can Create Prosperity

"Emeril" Economics
Critics Despise the Application of the Market to Any Area of Culture

Evaluating New Drugs: Remember the Bigger Picture
Prescription Drugs Have Unseen Benefits

Ironic Triangle
What Happened to the Hostile Takeover?

A Tale of Two Brain Trusts
Americans Have Suffered for Decades under the Policies of FDR's Brain Trust

Muting Messages
All Price Controls Silence Truthful and Useful Messages

What's Happening?
Government Is Taking Steps to Alter Fundamentally Our Way of Life

America Is Headed Toward Plutocracy?
Wealth Inequality Is Not a Problem

The Seven Myths of Gun Control: Reclaiming the Truth About Guns, Crime, and the Second Amendment
Debunking Common Fallacies about Gun Use

Damned Lies and Statistics
An Excellent Diagnosis of the Problem of Deceptive Statistics

How Wall Street Created a Nation: J. P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Panama Canal
What Really Happened to Create the Panama Canal?

Antitrust After Microsoft: The Obsolescence of Antitrust in the Digital Era
Antitrust Policy Protects Competitors, Not Competition

The Sixteen-Trillion-Dollar Mistake: How the U.S. Bungled Its Priorities from the New Deal to the Present
Interesting but Fundamentally Flawed

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