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October 1999

Volume 49, 1999


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The Berry Bikes: A Lesson in Private Property

An Inexpensive Example of the Tragedy of the Commons
October 01 1999 by , ,

Bought and Sold: Drug Warriors and the Media

The Federal Government and the Media Form an Unholy Taxpayer-Financed Alliance
October 01 1999 by ,

Wilhelm Röpke: A Centenary Appreciation

Röpke Was a Prophet Warning of the Dangers from a Loss of Our Moral Compass
October 01 1999 by ,

Market Money and Free Banking

Any Quantity of Money Is Adequate Because Prices Will Adjust
October 01 1999 by ,

Who's Locked In to What?

Government, Not the Market, Locks People into Bad Situations
October 01 1999 by ,

Health Care: Over the Canadian Cliff?

The United States Faces a Stark Choice Regarding Health Care
October 01 1999 by ,

The Love of Economics

Economics Is Focused on Human Choice
October 01 1999 by ,

Comparative Advantage

Free Trade Benefits High-Paid U.S. Workers
October 01 1999 by ,

Chicago Gun Show

Concealed Handguns Deter Crime
October 01 1999 by ,

Now John R. Lott, Jr., until recently the John M. Olin Law and Economics Fellow at Chicago, is making the case that a well-armed citizenry discourages violent crime. Gary Becker has showed that increasing the cost of crime through stiffer jail sentences, quicker trials, and higher conviction rates effectively reduces the number of criminals who rob, steal, or rape.[3]

Ever Striving

Entrepreneurs Constantly Strive to Make Our Lives Better
October 01 1999 by ,

Legalized Theft Is Good for the Poor?

Reich's Share-the-Wealth Plan Is Nothing But Another Ponzi Scheme
October 01 1999 by ,

The Great Philanthropists and the Problem of "Donor Intent"

Foundations Built with the Fortunes of Laissez-Faire Advocates Have Been Subverted
October 01 1999 by , ,

Nixon's Economy: Booms, Busts, Dollars, and Votes

A Play-by-Play Description of Nixon's Top Priority
October 01 1999 by , ,

Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed

A Brilliant Work of Remarkable Scope
October 01 1999 by , ,

Silencing Science

A Lighthearted Approach to a Serious Subject
October 01 1999 by , , ,

Staring into Chaos: Explorations in the Decline of Western Civilization

A Competent and Congenial Guide
October 01 1999 by , ,

My Barbers

Unsung Heroes of Capitalism
October 01 1999 by ,

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