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October 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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The Nature and Significance of Economic Education
Economists Should Pursue Their Science with Objectivity, Detachment, and Passion

On Behalf of the Ideal
Undoing Socialism Requires Upholding the Ideal of Freedom

Discrimination by the Numbers: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Statistics Alone Cannot Prove Discrimination

Terms of Impairment
The ADA Blurs the Line Between Lawful Activity and Unlawful Discrimination

The IMF's Dubious Purpose
IMF Activities Prolong Countries' Economic Problems

Dr. Andrew Ure: Pioneer Free Trader
Ure Promoted International Free Trade and Unregulated Internal Industry

Whose Kids Are They?
Compulsory Education Has Not Produced Universal Education

The Fine Art of Conservation
We Should Remove Our Ecological Resources from Governmental Stewardship

Sizing Up Downsizing
The Market Economy Has Not Killed the American Dream

How Big Government Usurped Personal Responsibility
Freeing Workers from Social Security Will Allow Them to Provide for a Far Better Retirement

Gertrude B. Kelly: A Forgotten Feminist
Kelly's Absence from the Pages of Feminist History Impoverishes That Movement

A Golden Comeback, Part II
Gold's Value Depends a Great Deal on the Rate of Inflation

What Is This Thing Called Sprawl?
Debates About Suburbanization Must Be Grounded in Certain Fundamentals

Why Honorable People Avoid Politics
Campaign Finance Reform Won't Put Honorable People in Office

The Folly of Economic Warfare
Sanctions Helped Milosevic's Government Rally Support Throughout the Bosnian Civil War

The Seen and Unseen in Gun Control
Widespread Gun Ownership Increases Personal Safety

Demand and Supply
The Market Process Directs People to Accommodate One Another

Fairness: Results Versus Process
The Rules of the Game Must Be Fair

Whose Choice? Whose Responsibility?
School Vouchers Are Flawed

It Just Ain't So!
The Free Market Produced Extensive Information about the Health Hazards of Smoking

Conquests and Cultures
Sowell Insists on Looking at Things as They Really Are

The Book of Heroes: Great Men and Women in American History
Dramatic and Uplifting Biographies

Law and Disorder in Cyberspace
Innovation Is Our Best Hope for a Free Telecommunications Market

The Arc of the Pendulum: A Philosophy for Government in the 21st Century
Not a Solid Case for 21st-Century Anti-Federalism

Energy: Ending the Never-Ending Crisis
Is Regulatory Restructuring a Step Toward Deregulation?

Big Trouble
A Revealing Look at an Episode of Labor-Union Violence

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