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October 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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Free Trade to Benefit the Many--Not Fair Trade to Benefit the Few
Restrictions on Our Ability to Buy the Best Products at the Lowest Prices Should Be Eliminated

Transit's Transition from Socialism
Property Rights Would Give Life to Transit Entrepreneurship

Slugging It Out
Washington, D.C.'s Slug Lines Provide a Market Alternative to Traffic Congestion

Letters from Russia
A Pen Pal's Tales of Life in the Former Soviet Union

Reflections on a Failure
Socialism Doesn't Offer the Slightest Incentive for Anyone to Make it Work

Cast a Giant Ballot
Roger MacBride Made the Libertarian Party the Most Important Third Party in America

Affirmative Action: Institutionalized Inequality
Affirmative Action Is an Immoral Policy that Must Be Ended

Capitalism and Cooperation
Despite Socialism's Refusal to Recognize It, Capitalism Is Founded on Cooperation

Education and the Free Society
Those of Us Concerned with Preserving Individual Freedom Face a Formidable Challenge

The Proper Attitude Toward the Proper Role of the State
We Must Be Eternally Vigilant of the State

Algernon Sidney: Forgotten Founding Father
A Short-Lived Patriot Whose Influence Remains

Benjamin Constant Liberty and Private Life
Constant's Political Writings Showed Fantastic Insight

Medicine for the Sick
The Federal Government Should End Its Misguided War on Marijuana

Preaching to the Choir
We Can't Change Minds without Engaging Our Opponents

A Note on Jane Austen and the Importance of Freedom
A Secure Life in a Stagnant Society Is Not a Happy Existence

The Cross and the Rain Forest: A Critique of Radical Green Spirituality by Robert Whelan, Joseph Kirwan, and Paul Haffner
An Insightful Look at the Philosophical Footings of Environmentalism

The Economic Laws of Scientific Research by Terence Kealey
The Market Outperforms Statist Alternatives in Science, Too

PBS: Behind the Screen by Laurence Jarvik
An Excellent Exposé of Politically Correct PBS

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