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October 1993

Volume 43, 1993

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Perspective: Prison Costs

The Economic Way of Thinking, Part 1
Economics is the basic study of human action.

Banking Without Regulation
The historical record sheds light on the possible consequences of completely deregulating banking.

Toward a Cashless Society
EFTS is likely to have a profound and visible impact on everyday decision-making.

Why Free Markets Are Difficult to Defend
The abundant but diffuse benefits of free markets are difficult to explain.

Your Money—Your Choice
ABC ignores the most important public policy problem in a free society.

The Trouble with Keynes
Focusing on the macro.

Why Government Can't Create Jobs
It is a fallacy of the Keynesian legacy that government can reduce unemployment.

A Life-Saving Lesson from Operation Desert Storm
Conscription artificially suppresses the price of labor relative to capital.

The Cause of Freedom Begins with Me
We must resolve to honor and defend our neighbor’s freedom as our own.

Immigration: Friend or Foe?
Working immigrants benefit not only themselves, but also Americans.

The Common Good and the Free Rider
How and why do humans cooperate?

Why Adam Smith Burned His Clothes
Was it extremism in defense of moral rectitude; or was it just job security?

A Tribute to Edmund A. Opitz
Opitz made wise, prudent, temperate, and erudite contributions to the cause of liberty.

A Reviewer's Notebook: The Freeman Classics Series
The consumer is sovereign under capitalism.

Book Review: Bankruptcy 1995: The Coming Collapse of America and How to Stop It by Harry E. Figgie, Jr., with Gerald J. Swanson
A Denunciation of America's National Debt

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