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October 1966

Volume 16, 1966


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Set My People Free

October 01 1966 by ,

Ones practice of freedom may be hindered by others, but there isnt any way to be free without doing it yourself

The Cost of Living

October 01 1966 by ,

The cost of living tends to rise in proportion to the extent that we let government lead our lives.

The Supremacy of the Market

October 01 1966 by ,

Dr. Mises offers some further thoughts on the wages of union violence in a timely selection from an earlier study.

Men of Prey

October 01 1966 by ,

Leonard Read follows with his own interpretation of the causes and consequences of the predatory actions of some persons against others.

Visit With a Headmaster

October 01 1966 by ,

Timothy Wheeler finds something new in educational procedures and results when he visits the Academy of Basic Education, near Milwaukee.

The First Liberty Library

October 01 1966 by ,

Who was Thomas Hollis? Murray Rothbard reminds us of the important role Hollis played in establishing liberty in America.

A Reviewers Notebook - For Want of Something Better

October 01 1966 by ,

Robert Lekachman's The Age of Keynes seems to John Chamberlain to be the same old story, however well written.

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