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November 2013

Volume 63, 2013


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Fifty Ways to Leave Leviathan

October 01 2013 by , ,

State management doesn't work. Fortunately, innovation does. Here are just 50 ways that people are figuring out how to work around government obstacles, hastening the State's obsolescence.

Keynesians: Sleepy? Down a Red Bull

The case against economic stimulus
September 30 2013 by ,

Fiscal stimulus isn't cheap. It also does the economy's long-term health no favors. New research puts numbers on just how bad an idea fiscal stimulus is. 

Is Wall Street Really the Heart of Capitalism?

Blaming the wrong people for 2008
September 24 2013 by ,

The dominant narrative about the 2008 crash focuses anger on Wall Street, said to be the heart of capitalism, as the culprit. It's neither; government intrusion has shaped the housing market and our cities for decades.

The Caveman Speaks

An interview with John Durant
September 17 2013 by ,

John Durant is the author of the new book The Paleo Manifesto, in which he advocates using evolutionary principles to combat the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. 


On Being a Catalyst

November 01 2013 by ,

Working for liberty sometimes means inspiring, pushing, and encouraging others to think about the world in new ways. It means catalyzing the process of innovation by channeling your enthusiasm and recombining ideas you know in your gut to be right.

Medicine: Who Should Make Choices for You?

An alternative to the FDA system
September 18 2013 by ,

Right now, decisions about medical treatments are made by bureaucrats far from the patients and physicians closest to the problems. This system costs lives, but satisfies FDA incentives. A new book lays out a way to fix this—now.

The Real Social Contract

A challenge to partisans: What if you really could have your chosen system?
September 12 2013 by ,

Would you support a system that allowed everyone to live under the system they prefer? Or is making everyone live under your favorite system what really matters?

The Mystery of the Mundane

September 26 2013 by ,

Economics is full of research, theories, and statistics. But it's really about learning to see the wonder surrounding us, in mundane things we often take for granted.

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