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November 2008

Volume 58, 2008


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A Million Terrorists?

The Federal Government Adds Names Willy-Nilly to Its Modern Blacklist
November 01 2008 by ,

Book Reviews – November 2008

November 01 2008 by ,

The Ideas of Liberty and FEE

The Best Ideas Are Useless Without an Effective Distribution System
November 01 2008 by ,

Historical Reputations

Perceptions of Politicians Change with Hindsight
November 01 2008 by ,

Why on Earth Do We Have a Student Loan Crisis?

Student Loans Are Largely a Creature of Federal Intervention
November 01 2008 by ,

Freedom Works: The Case of Hong Kong

Freedom from Regulation Promotes Prosperity
November 01 2008 by ,

Paternalist Nudges

How about leaving us alone?
August 15 2008 by ,

Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler are self-proclaimed libertarian paternalists. A contradiction in terms?

Why "Inflation" Is Back

Paper Money Is Falling in Value All Over the World
November 01 2008 by ,

Mises was describing the curse of inflation, the process whereby government expands a nation’s money supply and thereby erodes the value of each monetary unit—dollar, peso, pound, franc, or whatever. It shows up in the form of rising prices, which most people confuse with the inflation itself. The distinction is important because, as economist Percy Greaves once explained so eloquently, “Changing the definition changes the responsibility.”

Government Education Is Broken?

Compulsory Schooling Produces Standardized Citizens
November 01 2008 by ,

Bless the Speculators

McCain Does Not Understand How Markets Work or Why They Are Good
November 01 2008 by ,

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