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November 2005

Volume 55, 2005


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Another National Disaster in the Making: Government Reconstruction of New Orleans

Private Investment Brings Superior Results
November 01 2005 by ,

Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans at the end of August. What followed was a further disaster in the form of government incompetence and confusion at the local, state, and federal levels. Rarely have we seen a better instance of what Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises once rightly called "planned chaos."

Warriors and Merchants

What This Historic Division Reveals about the Social Order We Inhabit
November 01 2005 by ,

Kelo v. City of New London: Do We Need Eminent Domain for Economic Growth?

Kelo Is Bad Constitutional Law and Bad Public Policy
November 01 2005 by ,

The Supreme Court continues to give politicians free rein to trample the rights of individuals except in cases where the justices think that the rights are fundamental. Property rights are not regarded as fundamental, and the Court will accept almost any justification, no matter how nave and intellectually feeble, for government encroachments on them.

The Tyranny of Local Government

Misenheimer's Forced Incorporation Stripped Joe Carter of His Property Rights
November 01 2005 by ,

Thanks to the recent decision rendered by the Supreme Court in Kelo v. City of New London, citizens across the nation have a new reason to fear government.

Regulations Improve the Free Market?

The Source of Most "Market Failures" Can Be Traced to Government
November 01 2005 by ,

Despite its remarkable record the free market remains for many people a tough sell. Even those who on balance support free enterprise hesitate to give unregulated market forces their full endorsement.

The Supreme Court and the End of Limited Government

Transactions Are Only Made Legitimate By Consent
November 01 2005 by ,

The Supreme Court ruling permitting governments forcibly to transfer property through eminent domain from one private party to another for the sake of economic development did not come out of the blue.

Supply, Demand, Inventory

Inventory Smoothes Price Fluctuations in the Face of Shifting Supply and Demand
November 01 2005 by ,

Supply-and-demand analysis is the bread and butter of classroom economics. All over America as the leaves change color and college commences, professors of economics are shifting supply and demand curves and showing how the price of a good changes in response.

A Popular Insurrection on Property Rights

Kelo Should Be Overruled
November 01 2005 by ,

The property rights issues that arise constantly in modern life are always difficult and often obscure.

Protecting Property in a Post-Kelo World

Eminent Domain Is Abusive Per Se
November 01 2005 by ,

Two years ago, when I began writing a book, people's eyes would glaze over when I told them the subject was eminent domain, the power of the government to take property by force on just compensation to the owner.

Why Classical Liberals Care about the Rule of Law (And Hardly Anyone Else Does)

Politics Has Captured the American Legal System
November 01 2005 by ,

In 1776 John Adams declared that America was "a nation of laws, not men." Politicians of all persuasions have used Adams's phrase ever since to claim the moral high ground. Such rare agreement among the political classes, even if only rhetorical, is an indication of the power of the idea of the rule of law.

Basis of Liberty

July 01 1962 by ,

Vienna and Chicago: Friends or Foes? A Tale of Two Schools of Free-Market Economics

An Analysis of the Two Leading Free-Market Voices
July 13 2010 by , ,

Go Directly to Jail: The Criminalization of Almost Everything

Our Legal System Poses a Grave Threat to Our Liberty
July 13 2010 by , ,

The Coming Generational Storm: What You Need to Know about America’s Economic Future

Our Intergenerational Wealth-Transferring Scheme Is in Crisis
July 13 2010 by , , ,

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