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November 2004

Volume 54, 2004

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Aaron Director on the Market for Goods and Ideas
Director Helped Change Thinking About Government Regulation and Antitrust Laws

The More Things Change . . .
The Political Incentive to Perpetuate Economic Fallacies Is Potent

Remembering Henry Hazlitt
Hazlitt Both Reported on and Contributed to the Field of Economics

All Poorer After the War
Our Prosperity Is Bound Up with That of Our Neighbors

Henry Hazlitt and the Failure of Keynesian Economics
Hazlitt Helped to Overthrow the Original and Primitive Keynesian Thinking

Private Enterprise Regained
Communism Failed in Plymouth Bay Colony, Too

The Legacy of Marx
Wage Differences Tend to Reflect Real Differences in Productivity

Hazlitt on Gold
Hazlitt's Case for the Gold Standard Was Profound and Persuasive

The Mont Pelerin Society
How Hayek Formed a Group of 36 Political Scientists, Journalists, and Observers

Hazlitt's "The Foundations of Morality"
Hazlitt's Book Is Admirable for Its Substance and Writing Style

Novel Economics
Hazlitt's Works Challenge Our Obsession with Pedigrees

Hazlitt as a Thinker
Great Thinkers Must Be Comparatively Free from the Prejudices of Their Times and Communities

Henry Hazlitt on Unions
Labor Unions Reduce Total Production and Real Wages for All of Us

The Roads to Modernity: the British, French, and American Enlightenments
An Insightful Appreciation of the British and American Enlightenment Traditions

You Can't Say That! The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Anti-Discrimination Laws
Almost Anyone Might Find Himself in Trouble for His Speech or Thoughts

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