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November 2003

November 2003

Volume 53, 2003

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The Economics of Spam
Free Markets Correct Themselves

The Great German Inflation

Weighing In
Government-Funded Health Care Endangers Liberty

Book Reviews - November 2003

Healers Under Siege
Price-Control Schemes for Prescription Drugs Will Be Hazardous to Your Health

Rent-Seeking: A Primer
What Is the Difference between Profit-Seeking and Rent-Seeking?

Grutter v. Bollinger: A Constitutional Embarrassment
Does Higher Education Benefit from Racial Preference in Admissions?

Global Warming: Extreme Weather or Extreme Prejudice?
We Don't Know if Global Warming Is Real or What Might Be Causing It

The Fallacies of Distributism
Distributism Is Full of Obstacles to Prosperity

Oblivious to the Obvious
Population Growth Does Not Inhibit Prosperity

How the Federal Government Got into the Ocean-Shipping Business
Ocean Shipping Is a Perfect Example of Economic Fascism

People Before Profits
The Profit Motive Creates Customer Satisfaction

Massive Foreign Aid Is the Solution to Africa's Ills?
Africa's Corrupt, Intrusive Governments Keep Africans in Poverty

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