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November 2001

Volume 51, 2001


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Liberty, Property, and Crime

Public Property Enables Crime
November 01 2001 by ,

The Federally Mandated Toilet Still Doesn't Work

What Is the Government Doing in Our Bathrooms?
November 01 2001 by ,

The Sustainable--and Young--Hydrocarbon Energy Age

Government Is the Real Threat to Energy Sustainability
November 01 2001 by ,

Politicizing the Housewife

Choice Is the Key to Individualist Feminism
November 01 2001 by ,

The Trouble with Teacher Training

Government-Prescribed Credentials Don't Create Good Teachers
November 01 2001 by ,

A Myth Shattered: Mises, Hayek, and the Industrial Revolution

How Did the Industrial Revolution Affect Living Standards?
November 01 2001 by ,

Why Economies Grow

Economic Freedom Offers Hope to Countries Struggling with Poverty
November 01 2001 by ,

Ethanolics Anonymous

Government Has No Business Rigging the Market for the Politically Well-Connected
November 01 2001 by ,

In June the Bush administration reported to Congress that the federal ethanol incentive program has done precisely the opposite of what was intended. Instead of reducing gasoline consumption, foreign oil dependency, and air pollution, the program caused Americans to use 473 million more gallons of gasoline in 2000 than in 1999. In fact, if this program remains in place, it actually will increase gasoline use by 9 billion gallons from 2005 to 2008.

Bastiat and Unionism

Bastiat Saw That Unionism Was Nothing Special
November 01 2001 by ,

On November 17, 1849, Bastiat delivered a “Speech on the Suppression of Industrial Combinations” in the Legislative Assembly. He spoke in favor of repealing legislation that prevented workers from organizing unions and calling strikes. The speech startled both his traditional adversaries on the left (the socialists) and his occasional allies on the right (the conservatives).

One Capitalist's Advice: Attract Attention!

The Spirit of Andrew Carnegie Lives at FEE
November 01 2001 by ,

Mental Illness: Psychiatry's Phlogiston

We Should Regard All People As Moral Agents
November 01 2001 by ,

Compensate Workers Harmed by Trade?

Government Direction of Economic Affairs Inevitably Fails
November 01 2001 by ,

No Silver Lining

Paul Krugman Should Return His Ph.D.
November 01 2001 by ,

The Driving Force of the Market: Essays in Austrian Economics by Israel M. Kirzner

November 01 2001 by ,

Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy by Thomas Sowell

Like a Collection of Incomplete FEE Articles
November 01 2001 by ,

The Wealth of Man by Peter Jay

Government Control of Economic Systems Is a March to Economic Oblivion
November 01 2001 by ,

Mail at the Millennium: Will the Postal Service Go Private? Edited by Edward L. Hudgins

Are the Postal Monopoly's Days Numbered?
November 01 2001 by ,

Can Japan Compete? by Michael E. Porter, Hirotaka Takeuchi, and Mariko Sakakibara

The Japanese System Is Not Superior
November 01 2001 by ,

Enemies of the Automobile

An Influential Movement Is Underway to Restrict Car Use
November 01 2001 by ,

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