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November 2000

Volume 50, 2000

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I Support Coercion and I Vote
Why Donate Your Own Money When You Can Force Taxpayers to Cough It Up?

Enemies of the Automobile
An Influential Movement Is Underway to Restrict Car Use

Freeing the Freeways
Private Industry Could Build and Manage Superior Highways

The Economic Virtues of Federalism
COPS Squanders Society's Resources

The Government's Assault on Golf
Should the Courts Set the Rules of Professional Sports?

Constitutional Protection of Economic Liberty
The Supreme Court Seems Oblivious to the Needs of a Free and Flexible Market

Psychiatry in a Communist Utopia
Cuba Uses Psychiatry for Political Purposes

Peanut Butter, Education, and Markets
Who Should Provide Education, and How Should It Be Financed?

How the Theory of Comparative Advantage Saved My Marriage
Economic Theory Has a Down-Home Value

The Return to a Global Economy
Is Globalization Today Different from Globalization a Century Ago?

Adam Smith: Moral Philosopher

Two Radicalisms
Capitalism Is an Ugly Form of Radicalism?

Incentives and Disincentives: They Really Do Matter!
The Best Way to Reform Welfare Programs Is to Eliminate Them

The Clinton Regulatory Miasma
Federal Rule-Making Continues to Run Amok

Creativity and Criminality: The Two Faces of Responsibility
Do the Mentally Ill Lack Self-Control?

Sacrificing Lives for Profits
Adults Should Be Allowed to Choose Their Own Levels of Risk-Taking

Economics on Trial
Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory Have Merit?

Shameless in California
Labor Unions Own California's Politicians

They Don't Make Revolutions Like They Used To
It's Remarkable How Little Elections Accomplish

High Gasoline Prices Are Your Fault?
Floyd Norris Says Demand Alone Drives Oil and Gasoline Prices

Illusions of Prosperity: America's Working Families in an Age of Economic Insecurity
A Book of Unsalvageable Factual Analysis and Confused Arguments

Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-19455 by David Kennedy
Kennedy Toes the Roosevelt Line

The Titanic Story: Hard Choices, Dangerous Decisions
Why Didn't the Titanic Have Enough Lifeboats?

Money, Greed, and Risk: Why Financial Crises and Crashes Happen
Morris Is Sadly Deficient in Economic Understanding

Public Finance and Public Choice: Two Contrasting Visions of the State
A Series of Provocative Exchanges Between Two Well-Known Pillars of Economics

Funding Science in America: Congress, Universities, and the Politics of the Academic Pork Barrel
The Growing Entanglement of Academic Science and Politics Is Filled with Hazards

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