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November 1999

November 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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Material Progress Over the Past Millennium
All Aspects of Material Human Welfare Have Improved in the Aggregate

Spontaneous Order on the Playground
Elementary School Children Provide a Property Rights Example That Adults Should Follow

Einstein's Brain and the Egalitarian Mind
An Elite of Talent and Ability Always Soars Ahead

Is the Constitution Antiquated?
The Framers Addressed Real Political Abuses

Let's Not Promote Dependency
The Question Is Not How to Fill the Gap Between Welfare and Charity

Big Brother Wants to Read Your E-mail
A System That Can Track Anyone Can Track Everyone

Just a Cigar
What Are the Health Risks to Moderate Cigar Smokers?

The Growing Abundance of Fossil Fuels
Today's Reserve and Resource Estimates Should Be Considered a Minimum

Germany and the Third Way
Germany Is No Longer the Powerhouse It Once Was

President Grant Reconsidered
Grant Was a Forceful and Honest President

Stop Stopping Price Cutting
Theoretical Monopolies Hardly Justify the Government Policing Against Low Prices

Driving Forces: The Automobile, Its Enemies, and the Politics of Mobility
Dunn Emphasizes Hardheaded Realism

The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses
A Thorough and Damning Account of Political Indoctrination on American Campuses

China in the New Millennium: Market Reforms and Social Development
Cato Has Sounded a Libertarian Call to Arms in China

Market Education: The Unknown History
A Strong Case for Letting the Free Market Work in Education

Invisible Hand Obsolete?
The Invisible Hand Depends on a System of Natural Liberty

States, Economic Freedom, and Wealth Creation
There Is a Strong, Positive Correlation Between Economic Freedom and Economic Growth

Emotive Policymaking
Legislators Should Pause Before Passing Any New Gun-Control Measures

Is Mental Illness a Disease?
Only in Psychiatry Can Behavior Be Considered a Disease

Comparative Advantage Continued
Free Trade Does Not Cause Massive Unemployment

The AFL-CIO: Renaissance or Irrelevance?
Fewer and Fewer Workers Are Interested in Organizing

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