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November 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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Nature's Entrepreneurs
Profit-Driven Entrepreneurial Approaches Can Protect and Produce Environmental Quality

Regardless of Choice, Vote!
Does Responsible Citizenship Require Casting a Ballot?

A New Monetary Universe
Market-Driven Money Would Put the Individual at the Center of a New Monetary Universe

Opening Pandora's Box
Politics Has Arrived at the Computer Industry's Door

The Mother of All Food Fights
We Don't Need the Government to Regulate Organic Food

The IRS, Now and Forever?
Will Better Laws Fix a Notoriously Abusive Agency?

Another Minimum-Wage Clash
Politicians Have Less Control over Labor Markets Than They Think

49 and Holding
Regulatory Burdens Prevent Businesses from Expanding

Wrecking: The Ominous Rationale for Attacks on the Tobacco Industry
Constitutional Restraints on Government Power Have Been Rescinded in Favor of Collectivist Principles

A Golden Comeback, Part III
Gold Is a Barometer of Changes in the Value of the Dollar

Asset Forfeiture Run Amok
Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Must Be Reformed to Protect the Innocent

Service Without a Smile
Is It Surprising That Coercion Distorts Charity?

Paycheck Protection in California: What Went Wrong?
Union Workers May Seek Refunds of Dues and Fees Used for Politics

The Great Pretenders
What Do Federal Reserve Chairmen Really Know?

It Just Ain't So!
The Free Market Produced Extensive Information about the Health Hazards of Smoking

Achieving Our Country
Is the Left Becoming Nonpolitical?

The Future Once Happened Here: New York, D.C., L.A., and the Fate of America's Big Cities
Good Intentions and Bad Ideology Can Produce Urban Disaster

Major League Losers: The Real Cost of Sports and Who's Paying For It and Home Team: Professional Sports and the American Metropolis
Do Taxpayer-Financed Stadiums Accrue Economic Benefits to Cities?

Driving America: Your Car, Your Government, Your Choice
A Well-Reasoned Brief on Behalf of the Automobile

Hamilton's Republic: Readings in the American Democratic Nationalist Tradition
Twentieth-Century "Hamiltonians" Have Little in Common with the Founding Fathers

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