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November 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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The Central Economic Fallacy of the Century
The Economy Cannot Be Micromanaged from a Central Point

Aid to Owners of Dependent Enterprises
We Should End Corporate Welfare As We Know It

The Socialist Dream Lives
U.N. Rankings Reward Cuba for Creating Poverty

The Seven Deadly Sins of High Taxes
All Taxes Divert Resources from Other Useful Purposes

TV Taxes
Government Should Neither Guide the Development of Television Technologies nor Ensure the Economic Vitality of Local Broadcasters

How Fair Is Fair Housing?
Those Committed to Ending Housing Discrimination Should Use Noncoercive Means to Accomplish Their Ends

Business and Morality in a Free Society
Capitalism Is the Most Productive, Efficient, and Moral Economic System

The Minimum Wage
The Minimum Wage Hurts Those Whom It Is Intended to Most Help

Loved to Death: America's Unresolved Health-Care Crisis
America Is Headed Down a Destructive Path to Socialized Medicine

Electrical Utilities: The Final Deregulatory Frontier
The Electricity Sector Is Facing Revolution Rather than Reform

Edward Coke: Common Law Protection for Liberty
Coke Contributed to America's Independent Judiciary and Judicial Review

Closing Special Interest Government
The Labor Department Is a Wasteful Amalgam of Special-Interest Subsidies

Great Turnabouts in Economics
Three Prominent Economists Have Changed Their Thinking

Juvenile Delinquency
The More We Relinquish Decision-Making Responsibility to the Government, the More Childlike We Become

Public School Failures, Homeschool Successes
Homeschooling Has Become a Serious Option

Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism by Sanford Ikeda
A Wealth of Insights on the Perils and Results of Government Intervention

Everything for Sale: The Virtues and Limits of Markets by Robert Kuttner
Full of Misrepresentations and Misunderstandings of the Benefits of the Free Market

A Sacred Union of Citizens: George Washington's Farewell Address and the American Character by Matthew Spalding and Patrick Garrity
An Indispensible Book for Learning More about the Workings of George Washington's Mind

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