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November 1993

Volume 43, 1993

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Voluntarism in Health: A Forgotten Solution
Free clinics allow physicians to help the poor.

The Economic Way of Thinking, Part 2
The value of any economic good is no more and no less than what some individual will offer in exchange for it.

National Health Care: Medicine in Germany, 1918-1945
Does the modern bureaucratization of medicine risk a return to the horrors of national socialist medicine?

Medicine and the Welfare State
Governmentalized medicine opens up a road to national catastrophe.

What Hunger Insurance Could Teach Us About Health Insurance
Insurance should not be prepayment for routine medical expenses.

The Freeway to Serfdom
Universal access will destroy our existing insurance and medical system.

The Consequences of Managed Competition
Disturbing the partnership between generalists and specialists diminishes the quality of health care.

The Politics of the Fair Share
The false morality of the welfare state has led voters into a crisis.

Book Review: Social Security: What Every Taxpayer Should Know by A. Haeworth Robertson
An excellent handbook for taxpayers by a former Social Security actuary

Book Review: Mises: An Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Listing of Books and Articles by and About Ludwig von Mises Compiled by Bettina Bien Greaves and Robert W. McGee
An encyclopedic treasurehouse of materials and information regarding Mises

Book Review: The Ruling Class: Inside the Imperial Congress by Eric Felten
Congressman have abdicated their responsibilities while avoiding accountability.

Book Review: Prosperity Versus Planning: How Government Stifles Economic Growth by David Osterfeld
Government planning and economic growth don't mix.

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