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November 1992

Volume 42, 1992

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My Brother's Keeper
Cain’s misuse of a true principle in a futile attempt to justify murder has caused millions to err.

The Rise of Markets and the Fall of Infectious Disease
Increased wealth has brought increased health.

The Dilemma of Library Censorship
We should end government’s role in promoting ideas and restore its original role of protecting the freedom to express ideas.

Does Occupational Licensing Protect Consumers?
When government sets the standards for quality, the standards are more likely to be dictated by political pressures.

The Moral Foundation of Western Culture
Western culture, and all that we enjoy as a result of it, has at its foundation faith, family, property, and justice.

Can Politicians Really Care?
Care from politicians amounts to little more than a showing of emotion.

Banking Without the Too-Big-to-Fail Doctrine
The “too-big-to-fail” doctrine is part of a wider system of central banking that undermines the financial condition of the banking system.

We, the People, and Our Deficit
People working together can accomplish great things without the government’s help.

Half-Truths or Consequences
Free market advocates must be ready to force advocates of government policies to justify them on their actual merits.

Where Has All the Saving Gone?
Public policy over the last 50 years has discouraged saving.

Memoirs of a Simple Honorable Man
When the rule seems to favor glitz, shallowness, and hubris, John Chamberlain restores faith and feeds the mind.

Unbounding the Future: The Nanotechnology Revolution
The nanotechnology revolution could change the lives of our children as radically as the computer revolution has changed our own.

Impostors in the Temple
Corruption has become pervasive and ingrained in our modern-day universities.

Ecocide in the USSR
The authors focus on the tragic health conditions in the former Soviet Union.

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