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November 1976

Volume 26, 1976


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The Proper Role of Government

November 01 1976 by ,

Any attempt through government intervention to redistribute the material rewards of labor can only result in the eventual destruction of the productive base of society.

The Birth of an Idea

November 01 1976 by ,

How radio emerged from an idea going back to 600 B.C.

Is Our Economic Future Limited?

November 01 1976 by ,

An answer to doomsday thinking - for it is ideas, not materials, that determine progress.

Ideologies and the World Struggle

November 01 1976 by ,

The burning issue is between capitalism and statism, regardless of the label given the system of government intervention.

The Spirit of '46

November 01 1976 by ,

History reminds us that constructive change is possible at a time of economic and political turmoil.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1976/11

November 01 1976 by ,

"Punishing Criminals: Concerning a Very Old and Painful Question" by Ernest van den Haag

"In Our Time" by Eric Hoffer

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