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November 1964

Volume 14, 1964


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When Wishes Become Rights

November 01 1964 by ,

To have wishes come true, without effort or cost, says Leonard Read, must result in far more harm than good to mankind.

Why Speculators

November 01 1964 by ,

There's more than meets the eye to the recent closing of the Cotton Exchange, alleges Percy Greaves, as he shows the vital role of the speculator.


November 01 1964 by ,

The more laws there are to limit a man's achievement in a given job, the more he'll turn to "moonlighting" and secondary sources of income.

Free Speech

November 01 1964 by ,

Those who demand free speech, thinks Dean Russell, should be prepared to accept the consequences when they speak out.

The Road Is Better Than the Inn

November 01 1964 by

Those who insist upon beginning to live in tomorrow's utopia face the sad prospect of not living at all.

On Minding Ones Own Business

November 01 1964 by ,

Our old friend, William Graham Sumner, advises once more that a man's great duty to society is to mind his own business.

The Invisible Hand

November 01 1964 by ,

A part-time job in college affords a clear example of the compatibility between self-interest and service to others.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1964/11

November 01 1964 by ,

In the new book, "Anything That's Peaceful" by Leonard Read, John Chamberlain finds renewal for his faith in free men and the free market.

Monsieur Rueff, in "The Age of Inflation," calls attention to serious problems facing monetary managers everywhere.

And Arthur Moor gains insight and inspiration from Buckminster Fuller's "Ideas and Integrities."

Half a dozen of the best of the recent books on conservatism are briefly reviewed by Edmund Opitz.

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