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May 2014

Volume 64, 2014

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The State as a Metanarrative
How the postmodern critique can augment the libertarian one

Zoned Out
Why and how we should seek to restore a free market in land

Selling Envy
How governments promote the worst in us to redistribute wealth

Chasing Dystopian Rainbows
It seems scientism passes for science these days

Frank Woolworth and the Minimum Wage

The Economist Who Said Maybe
The answer to most economic questions begins with “I don’t know”


The Austrian Influences on Bitcoin
There is a bit of Menger, Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, and Kirzner in every Satoshi

Enemy of the State, Friend of Liberty

Hating Politics, Loving Government
Politics is inseparable from government

Nigeria’s Moment
A visit to a West African nation reveals tragic failure, yet great potential

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