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May 2003

Volume 53, 2003

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The State's Quest for Total Information Awareness
Making it Easier for Strangers to Roam through Our Private Records Will Not Increase Our Security

Selling History with Dolls
Free Markets, Selling History, Can Benefit Us All

Does Prosperity Depend on Education?
Numerous Self-Made Tycoons Succeed with Limited Formal Education

How California's Consumer Laws Legalize Extortion
California Trial Lawyers Target Small Business with Frivolous Lawsuits

Saving the Environment for a Profit, Victorian-Style
Economic Progress Mandates the Development of Efficient Practices and the Discovery of Profitable Uses for Industrial Waste

What's Wrong with How We Teach Economics
Economic Education Places Too Much Stock in Mathematical Formulas and Not Enough in the Study of Human Behavior

Berry Gordy Jr. and the Original "Black Label"
Motown Records' Founder Gave America Some of its Best Music Moments

What's So Good About Democracy?
It Is Almost Impossible to Design a System That Produces "The People's" Verdict

The Myth of Health Insurance
“Health Insurance” Is Really a Statist System of Cost-Shifting

Remembering Prague Spring
A Reflection on its Contribution to the Eventual Liberation of Half a Continent

The Progressive Income Tax in U.S. History
The root of much evil.

Individualism and Intelligence
Alone We Are Ignorant and Benighted; As Participants in a Market Society, We Are Informed and Enlightened

Vices and Crimes
The Market Tells Us What People Value, Not What They Should Value

OPEC Sells Us Oil Because It Likes Us?

Germany: From the Market to Socialism and Back?

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