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May 2002

Volume 52, 2002

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Designing Dependence
Manipulating Political Transaction Costs Allows the Government to Steadily Encroach Upon Our Private Lives

The Impossibility of Harming the Environment
The "Polluter Pays Principle" Creates a Strong Incentive to Eliminate or Minimize Pollution Problems

Taxes into Plowshares
Gun Buybacks Decrease Freedom and Fail to Reduce Violence

Enron and the Law of the Market
Beware the illusion of safety.

Credentials: Because the Free Market Abhors a Vacuum
Credentialing Is a Win-Win Proposition

Medical Technology and the State
Government Intervention in Health Care Turns Useful Technology into a Dangerous Budget Buster

The Courageous Decision That Lasted But Nine Days
The United States Code Forbids Giving “Anything of Value” in Consideration of Testimony

Capitalism and the Weak
Under Capitalism the Weak Gain a Degree of Power Not Possible through Other Economic Systems

The Perils of Populism
Populism Serves the Narrow Interests of Politicians and Burdens the Poor

Race, Culture, and the Digital Divide
The Racial “Digital Divide” Is Largely a Myth

The Dreaded D Word
Deflation Is Largely Misunderstood

The Right to Be Left Alone
The Enjoyment of Financial and Personal Privacy Is Fundamental to a Free and Civil Society

The Maternity Hospital and the Mental Hospital
The Hubris of Nineteenth-Century Maternity Hospitals Killed Healthy Women

Public Interest or Private Interest?
Public Officials Are Self-Interested, Too

I Recycle!
Market Prices Compel Us to Recycle when Recycling Is Appropriate

Government-Sector Unionism
An unconstitutional delegation of authority.

Enron and Argentina Are Examples of Market Failure?
Deregulation Is Not the Culprit

Rebel Code: Inside Linux and the Open Source Revolution
The Open-Source Movement Is a Powerful Force for Liberty on the Internet

Money & Power: The History of Business
Means' Book Misleads Americans about the Role and Nature of Business

Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department
A Serious and Well-Researched Book

The Cash Nexus: Money and Power in the Modern World, 1700–2000
An Independent Voice That Is Skeptical of Politicians' Excuses

The Virtue of Prosperity
D'Souza Examines Arguments Against Capitalism

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