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May 2000

Volume 50, 2000

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The Dangers of Growing Up Comfortable
The Laws of Wealth Creation Are Not Learned Automatically

Trust and Privacy on the Net
Most Internet Issues Are Really About Confidentiality

The Internet and the Death of the Sales Tax
E-Commerce Allows Consumers to "Flee" to Low-Tax States

Disaster Relief Then and Now
Early Americans Were Self-Reliant

Free Markets and Highest Valued Use
Knowledge Is Never Perfect

A Breach of the Public Trust
The Reinterpretation of Statutory Mandates Is a Dangerous Trend

La Lucha: The Human Cost of Economic Repression in Cuba
Cubans Struggle to Make Ends Meet as They Wait for Change

The Cuyahoga Revisited
What Caused the Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969?

The Starship Private Enterprise
What Should Star Trek's Success and Space Exploration Have in Common?

The Common Good Demystified
Does the Common Good Require Coercive Redistribution?

Its About Power. Period.
All Government Programs Have the Same Basic Purpose

Mutual Accommodation
Private Property Enables the Best Uses of Resources

The Census: Inquiring Minds Want to Know a Lot
What Is the Real Purpose of the Census?

America in East Asia
Local Parties Should Take Responsibility for Their Own Security

Remembering Masturbatory Insanity
Psychiatry Is Based on Popular Delusions

Freedom of the Price
Censoring Price Communication Reduces Information and Incentives

Is Greed Good?
A Free Capitalist Society Moderates the Passions

Pulling Us Apart
Income Gaps Resulting from Voluntary Exchange Are Desirable and Just

Unworthy of the Name
Government Manipulates People's Behavior with the Tax Code

Campaign-Finance Reform Will End Corruption?
If Politicians Had Nothing to Sell, No One Would Be Buying

Freedom in Chains: The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen
American Government Conceals Its True Nature

The Pity of War
What Did World War I Cost Britain?

First Principles: The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas
Gerber Treats Justice Thomas with Respect and Intellectual Curiosity

Beyond Unions and Collective Bargaining
Most Workers Today Prefer Self-Representation

Turbo-Capitalism: Winners and Losers in the Global Economy
Economic Liberty Is Neither Frightening nor Destabilizing

Development as Freedom
Political, Economic, and Social Freedoms Are Often Complementary Goods

In Plato's Cave
Half a Century of Insights into Higher Education

The Selfishness of the Unselfish
The Most Outspoken Opponents of Greed Are Often Its Greatest Patrons

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