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May 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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A Modern Pyramid
Should Tax Dollars Be Spent to Build a Space Station?

Must I Not Be Believed?
We Are Left with a President Crippled by His Own Dishonesty

The Green Scare
Grossly Distorted Stories Serve Interventionist Environmentalism

Fighting Back
Friends of Liberty Should Write More Letters to the Editor

The New Money
Will New U.S. Currency Features Inhibit Counterfeiting?

Tensions in Early American Political Thought
Liberalism and Republicanism Together Made for a Stronger Worldview

Hayek Turns 100
Hayek Contributed an Ocean of Knowledge to the Cause of Human Freedom

Ending Corporate Welfare as We Know It
The Welfare Reforms Applied to Individuals Should Also Apply to Businesses

Congressional Lost Opportunities
Congressional Deregulators Should Push an Aggressive Agenda

Gullible Skeptics
Psychiatry Is an Instrument of the Coercive Apparatus of the State

America Is Number 1 Again
How a Prediction of Japanese and German Dominance Went Awry

Tony Blair and Fairness at Work
Will Blair Follow the American Labor Union Model?

Two Powerful Words
How Does Kirzner Sum Up the Basis of a Free Society?

Hayek Made No Contribution?
It Is a Pity That Hayek Has No Standing in the Eyes of Modern Mainstream Macroeconomists

In Praise of Commercial Culture
Brimming with Economically Inspired Insights

CancerScam: Diversion of Federal Cancer Funds to Politics
Government Public Health Spending Should Not Support Political Causes

A Humane Economy
A Classic Defense of Non-Interventionist Government

All the Essential Half-Truths about Higher Education
A Book of Maddeningly Safe and Temperate Proposals

Commodity and Propriety: Competing Visions of Property in American Legal Thought, 1776-1970
The Commodity View of Property Rights Promotes Prosperity, Peace, and Liberty

Against Politics: On Government, Anarchy, and Order
There Is a Distinction Between

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