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May 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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On That Day Began Lies
Personal responsibility never disappears.

Let 'Em Skate!: Defeating Local Socialism
The Story of a Proposed Ice Arena in Meridian Township, Michigan

Human Ignorance and Social Engineering
Spontaneous order and the inadequacy of human knowledge.

Unrestrained Appetites, Unlimited Government
That pesky Commerce Clause.

We Can Do Better than Government Inspection of Meat
Rely on the market.

Herbert Dow and Predatory Pricing
Making the Best Product at the Lowest Price Beats Price Fixing

Today's Most Influential Economist?
It's Not Who You Think

The Freedom Not to Pay for Other People's Politics
The Failure to Enforce Beck Rights Mocks Justice and Offends Individual Liberty

Deficits Are Good
Red Ink Helps to Check Politicians' Free-Spending Tendencies

Social Cooperation, Good Intentions, and Incentives
Cooperation through Division of Labor and Exchange Creates a Better Society

Salt Without Savor
Unions Have Special Privileges and Immunities

Cursed by Economic Knowledge and Ignorance
The News Media Have a Juvenile Grasp of Economics

Mr. Spencer Versus the State
Spencer Was a Symbol of Laissez-Faire Liberalism

Rediscovering American Values
Traditional American Values Form the Basis of Freedom

In Restraint of Trade: The Business Campaign Against Competition, 1918–1938
Does Government Regulate Big Business in the Public Interest?

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