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May 1992

Volume 42, 1992


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What Free Enterprise Means

May 01 1992 by ,

Entrepreneurs’ and consumers’ decisions produce a predictable result—prosperity—when freedom is the main ingredient.

Warren Brookes, 1929-1991

May 01 1992 by ,

Brookes used real, meaty numbers to build his arguments.

George Mason and the Bills of Rights

May 01 1992 by ,

The man who was the driving force behind the bill receives little attention.

A Most Sensible Man

May 01 1992 by ,

It was Smith who presented economics as a unique discipline and who first saw the producer and the consumer as vital elements in the economy of a nation.

The Best for Priscilla

May 01 1992 by ,

Only the continuing vitality of a free society, where people can innovate, create, invest, and serve others as they choose, makes the duPont Institute possible.

Canadian Medicare: Doomed from the Start

May 01 1992 by ,

Canada’s health-care crisis is rooted in the same swamp that leads to the decline of all socialized systems all over the world.

Business and the Adopt-a-School Fiasco

May 01 1992 by ,

The discipline of the marketplace must be applied to education.

The Rebirth of Mexico

May 01 1992 by ,

Mexico appears to be close to attaining the economic prosperity its long-suffering people deserve.

Sex, Lies, and History

May 01 1992 by ,

There is much difference between misconduct stemming from negligence as opposed to premeditation.

Street Performers and the Social Contract

May 01 1992 by ,

The homeless, the thugs, and the police harass and interfere with these free souls, refusing to allow them to make their way peaceably in a difficult world.

Two Kinds of Influence

May 01 1992 by ,

Attraction is the best answer to influencing others creatively.

Throwing Money at Social Problems

May 01 1992 by , ,

Money is getting too tight to keep dumping our policy confusions in the laps of far-off politicians and pretending it’s a solution.

A Dictionary Of Conservative And Libertarian Thought

May 01 1992 by ,

In all, this book is quite a Baedeker to the issues facing the intellectual on the right, be that person a conservative, libertarian, or classical liberal.

Out of the Barrio: Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation

May 01 1992 by ,

Hispanics have made progress in this society and most have moved into the social and economic mainstream.

Reaching for Heaven on Earth: The Theological Meaning of Economics

May 01 1992 by ,

A fresh if iconoclastic look at the history of Western thought and how two main traditions in that thought have taken turns ruling the affairs of men since the days of the Greeks.

Gaining Access: Congress and the Farm Lobby, 1919-1981

May 01 1992 by ,

Hansen's book makes great teaching for anyone who wants a better understanding how the agricultural lobby continues so efficiently to loot the public.

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