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May 1974

Volume 24, 1974


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FEO and the Gas Lines

May 01 1974 by ,

If we wait for Uncle Sam to provide, the lines will be interminable.

Price, the Peaceful Regulator

May 01 1974 by ,

When parties are not permitted to trade at the price agreeable to both, violence will erupt.

Made in Washington

May 01 1974 by ,

Washington can lead us into crisis, if we so empower the government.

The Puritan Experiment with Price Controls

May 01 1974 by ,

Concerning the search in early New England for a "just price."

Windfall Profits

May 01 1974 by ,

Erratic changes in consumer evaluations create profit opportunities for alert entrepreneurs.

The Blessings of Diversity

May 01 1974 by ,

Were all alike, instead of free, t'would mean the end of me and thee.

Competition: Key to Consumer Dominance

May 01 1974 by ,

The entrepreneur renders society valuable services without cost.

In Quest of Justice

May 01 1974 by ,

Man's nature and justice in inter-human relationships.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1974/5

May 01 1974 by ,

"Having My Way" by Leonard E. Read

"The Enterprising Americans" by John Chamberlain

"Population, Resources, and the Future: Non-Malthusian Perspectives" edited by Howard M. Bahr, Bruce A. Chadwick, and Darwin L. Thomas

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