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May 1969

Volume 19, 1969


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Speakman 100

May 01 1969 by ,

How the enlightened pursuit of self-interest promotes human progress.

One-Sided Capital-Gains Tax

May 01 1969 by ,

Inflation gives the illusion of capital gains; the tax is real.

Education in America: 8. The Multiversity

May 01 1969 by ,

The problems of size when education is bent to serve the collective.

Activist Judges and the Rule of Law

May 01 1969 by ,

"Government of laws and not of men" threatened by judicial activism.

The Out-of-Bounds Dilemma

May 01 1969 by ,

How is the citizenry to keep the policing agency itself within bounds?

Spend Now, Pay Later!

May 01 1969 by ,

Tricks with money let us think we can consume more than we produce.


May 01 1969 by ,

Each individual is responsible for his own development.

As Tocqueville Saw Us

May 01 1969 by ,

Not a stultifying sameness, but freedom, should be man's ruling passion.

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