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March 2008

Volume 58, 2008

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An Unstimulating Idea

A Department of Homeland Happiness Security? Only if We Want to Be Unhappy!
New Happiness Economics Would Undermine the Free Market

Book Reviews - March 2008

Is Fair Trade a Fair Deal?
Fair Trade Means Well, but Ignores Some Economic and Political Realities

Stealing for Union Bosses
The NLRA Should Be Repealed to Re-establish Rule of Law in Labor Markets

Environmentalists in Outer Space
Space Environmentalism Lacks Any Justification

Who's Afraid of Prosperity?
One Person's Economic Success Doesn't Depend on Another Person's Failure

The New Deal and the State and Local Governments
Today's Larger and More Centralized Government Began with the Great Depression

The Times that Tried Men's Economic Souls
The Second Continental Congress Nearly Ruined a Fledgling Nation

Misunderstanding Efficiency
Virtually Every Government Intervention Made in the Name of Efficiency Is Tainted with Logical Abuses

The Militarization of American Police
Police Use Deadly Force at Their Discretion and Receive Minimal Oversight

Does Governmental Vicarious Liability Make Any Sense?
A Government Liability Loss Means More Assets Must Be Sequestered from Taxpayers

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