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March 2005

Volume 55, 2005


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Bad Is Not Good

How Does an Interventionist Culture Reform Itself?
March 01 2005 by ,

Detroit's Flirtation with Economic Suicide

Local Politicians Endorse a Racist, Government-Focused Approach to Economic Development
March 01 2005 by ,

Until recently, I had thought the city of Detroit had done everything in its power to drive people and businesses away. I was wrong. From deep down in its barrel of apparently endless crackpot schemes, the Detroit city council pulled out one more. And what a piece of work it was—proof beyond the most shadowy of doubts that getting elected to something doesn’t mean you know up from down.

The European Union and the Interventionist State

A European Constitution Will Centralize All Decision-Making
March 01 2005 by ,

The Great Outsourcing Scare of 2004

Part Sensationalism, Part Economic Ignorance
March 01 2005 by ,

Free Trade and the Climb Out of Poverty

Lifting Trade Restrictions Improves Economic Development
March 01 2005 by ,

Capitalism: Still on Trial

Market Mechanisms Remain the Best Protection Against Corporate Fraud
March 01 2005 by ,

Unjust Compensation

Victims of Eminent Domain Face Undue Stress and Financial Loss
March 01 2005 by ,

Hypnotized by Models

Economists Fail to Interpret the Application of Mathematical Models to Real-Life Events
March 01 2005 by , ,

How the Western Cattlemen Created Property Rights

Early Pioneers Carved Out Stable Private Institutions
March 01 2005 by ,

Benjamin Rush and "Medical Marijuana"

How Lies Become Truths
March 01 2005 by ,

Henry Hazlitt on Unions: Part II

American Unionism Violates the Freedom of Association
July 08 2010 by ,

The Universal Hunger for Liberty: Why the Clash of Civilizations Is Not Inevitable

What Makes Western Civilization Unique?
July 08 2010 by , ,

Trembling in the Ivory Tower: Excesses in the Pursuit of Truth and Tenure

The Intellectual Climate in American Higher Education Is Suffering
July 08 2010 by , ,

Government Failure: E.G. West on Education

Compulsory Government Schooling Is a Dismal Failure
July 08 2010 by , , ,

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