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March 2002

Volume 52, 2002

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Why Children Are Dying in the Nation's Capital
D.C.'s Child and Family Services Agency Is Shockingly Incompetent

A New Old American Concept of Political Liberty
True Freedom Is Found in the Competition for Laws and Institutions

Nullification: The Jeffersonian Brake on Government
A Government Cannot Determine the Scope of Its Own Powers

On Guests and Customers
What Terms Best Define Voluntary Exchange?

America's Worst Enemy
Without Individual Responsibility, Governments Run Wild

Prescription Drugs and Advertising
Consumer Demand Determines Value

Protecting Precious Resources
The Profit Motive Makes Natural Resources Secure

Do Big Corporations Control America?
Arguments Against Corporate Dominance

Beijing Erodes Hong Kong's Laissez Faire
China's Political System Must Be Modernized

Lead Balloons
Lawsuits Are the Latest Source of State Government Revenue

The Man Who Ate Hamtramck's Government
How Louis Schimmel Downsized a Michigan City's Public Sector

Free to Be Stupid
Washington, D.C., Does Not Have a Monopoly on Idiocy

Parity for Mental Illness, Disparity for Mental Patients
Should Insurance Companies Treat Mental Illnesses Like Physical Illnesses?

Politics and Prohibition
It Wasn't American Protest That Ended Alcohol Prohibition

"We Can't Get Rich Doing Each Other's Laundry"
What Would Happen If America Lost Its Manufacturing Sector?

Commerce Triumphs
Capitalism Flourishes When People Are Left Alone

Wartime Curbs on Liberty Are Costless?
Increased Government Intervention and Control Long Outlast Wars

Book Reviews - 2002/3

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