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March 2000

Volume 50, 2000


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150 Years and Still Dismal!

Thomas Carlyle's Problem with Economics Was its Opposition to Racial Slavery
March 01 2000 by ,

In Defense of Grocery Coupons

The Invisible Hand Works
March 01 2000 by ,

The Market for Space in the Market

Shelf Fees Efficiently Allocate Risk to Producers
March 01 2000 by ,

Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam

Spam Is No Justification for New Regulations
March 01 2000 by ,

The Stakeholder Fallacy

Stakeholderism Undermines the Defining Feature of Capitalism: The Exclusive Rights of Ownership
March 01 2000 by ,

Regulatory Extortion

No Company or Industry Is Safe
March 01 2000 by ,

Sources of Pro-Union Sentimentality

Labor Unions Are Really Cartels Backed by Legal Compulsion
March 01 2000 by ,

The Day We Read No More

The Perils of a Maryland Courtroom Reading Ban
March 01 2000 by ,

Moderation in All Things

Aristotle Counsels a Mindful Weighing of Tradeoffs
March 01 2000 by ,

Hospital Food and Socialized Medicine

To Make a Minor Issue a Major Problem, Turn it Over to Government
March 01 2000 by ,

Last September, a colleague of mine visited Manitoba, a province in central Canada. Electioneering was at a fever pitch, with just a few days left before voting for a variety of public offices. My friend was astonished to observe that the dominant issue was indeed hospital food. It had become a political hot potato, the candidates outdoing one another to express concern and promise action.

Stealing from ATM Machines

There's Still No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
March 01 2000 by ,

Naturally, the politicos argue that they are protecting the public interest. But—shock!—it turns out that banks are willing to fight back. In November, Bank of America and Wells Fargo announced that noncustomers would not be able to use the banks' ATM machines in Santa Monica.

Does Insanity Cause Crime?

Those Regarded as Insane Have Reasons, Not Causes, for Their Actions
March 01 2000 by ,

The Hidden Cost of Taxation

The Costs of Funding Government Spending Are Largely Unseen
March 01 2000 by ,

The costs of taxation are dispersed widely. Everyone pays taxes, so when a general tax is increased it is spread over so many people that no one individual will find the increase very burdensome. Conversely, if the tax is decreased, no one may perceive a significant benefit.

Will the Savings Crisis Lead to Stagnation?

A New World Bank Study Offers a Positive Outlook for Saving
March 01 2000 by ,

They Can Afford It, Can't They?

Stockholding Citizens Are the Ultimate Losers When ATM Fees Are Banned
March 01 2000 by ,

Humble Hubris

We Can't Decide the Future Using Today's Knowledge
March 01 2000 by ,

More Public Investment Needed?

The Incentives for Private Investment Yield Superior Results
March 01 2000 by ,

Financing College Tuition: Government Policies and Educational Priorities edited by Marvin H. Kosters

Is Government Involvement in Higher Education Necessary?
March 01 2000 by ,

The Right to Home School: A Guide to the Law on Parents' Rights in Education by Christopher J. Klicka

Klicka Explains the Rights, Challenges, and Defenses That Parents Encounter in Homeschooling
March 01 2000 by ,

The Fountainhead: An American Novel by Douglas J. Den Uyl

Den Uyl Shows That Rand's Book Is a Literary Masterpiece
March 01 2000 by ,

Alternate Route: Toward Efficient Urban Transportation by Clifford Winston and Chad Shirley

A Brutally Honest Analysis with Daring Prescriptions for Reform
March 01 2000 by ,

Guilt, Blame, and Politics by Allan Levite

Does a Wealthy Background Breed Radical Leftists?
March 01 2000 by ,

The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy by Anthony Giddens

An Inconsistent and Ineffective Defense of State Intervention
March 01 2000 by ,

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