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March 1996

Volume 46, 1996

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The America We Lost

Fallacies of Uncritical Multiculturalism
Different Cultures May Exhibit Various Degrees of Evil

The Guaranteed Life

America's Other Democracy
Every Day Is Election Day in the Marketplace

Inequality of Wealth and Incomes
America's Taxation Policy Is Leading the Country Toward Socialism

Competition and Cooperation
Two sides of the same coin.

From Each According to His Abilities . . .
Socialism Eventually Results in a Living Death

Legalized Immorality
Government Allows Individuals to Escape Moral Responsibility

Nullifying the Rule of Law
Jurors Ignoring the Law Accomplish Nothing but Anarchy in Microcosm

Why It Matters
Governments Place Restrictions and Barriers on Economic Activity

Warning: OSHA Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Most Cited Violations by OSHA Are Paperwork Related

Private Enterprise Regained
Communism Failed in Plymouth Bay Colony, Too

James Madison-Checks and Balances to Limit Government Power
The American System Is a Tribute to Madison's Insight, Industry, and Devotion

My Kind of President
Cleveland's Greatness Lies in Typical Rather Than Unusual Qualities

The Morality of Freedom
The Strongest Case for the Free Society Is Philosophical

Looking Back
Economic Knowledge Has Advanced Visibly in FEE's 50 Years

Thoughts on FEE's 50th Anniversary
FEE Seeks to Reshape Public Opinion

Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth
Speer Concealed the Truth Even from Himself

Noah's Choice: The Future of Endangered Species
Federal Policies Should Respect Man as Part of the Environment

The Sword of Imagination: Memoirs of a Half-Century of Literary Conflict
Entertaining and Informative Ruminations

The Solzhenitsyn Files
The Truth Can Curb the Pathology of Power

Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical
A Different Kind of Look at Ayn Rand

Payback: The Conspiracy to Destroy Michael Milken and His Financial Revolution
Milken's "Crimes" Were Routine Business Practices

To Renew America
Gingrich's Book Lacks an Essential Philosophical Groundwork

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