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March 1993

Volume 43, 1993

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Poverty and Freedom
Where we find riches, we tend to find freer people.

Ethics And Business
There is an almost universal bias against business on the part of novelists and dramatists.

Hollywood's Views of Capitalism
The free enterprise system is not inherently corrupt.

America's Impending Brain Drain
The widespread waste of our young minds casts a dark shadow on the future of our country.

Class Exclusion Notice
Legal harassment will drive airline prices up more than a supposed price-fixing conspiracy.

Scholarship, Leadership, and Public Works Jobs
Government cannot simply and surely spend us to rapidly expanding employment.

The Forgotten Consumer
Both opponents and proponents of free trade ignore its effect on the consumer.

The Case for Shopping at Kroger
Not to support a boycott of Kroger while its workers were on strike was the best way to show we care.

Richard Cobden: Creator of The Free Market
Cobden broke down protectionist trade laws in England.

A Reviewer's Notebook: Out of Work
The best thing for government to do in dealing with unemployment is to leave it alone.

Pride, Prejudice, and Politics: Roosevelt Versus Recovery, 1933-1938
Americans suffered needlessly from FDR’s antipathies toward business.

Capital Ideas: The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street
Bernstein illuminates the critical role financial markets play in economic development and growth.

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