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March 1975

Volume 25, 1975


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How Inflation Breeds Recession

March 01 1975 by ,

Reasons why it is best to stop inflating now and return to sound economic and fiscal policies.

The Political Costs of Price Inflation

March 01 1975 by ,

Economic breakdown and loss of freedom inevitably follow monetary weakness.

How Rent Controls Hurt the Poor

March 01 1975 by ,

Price-fixing results in a shortage of available housing.

Nationalize the Power Companies?

March 01 1975 by ,

Would you want your electricity to be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service?

The Progression of Profitability

March 01 1975 by ,

Profit is not added to price but is rather the reward for efficiency.

"Business Must Make a Profit"

March 01 1975 by ,

Profit is costless, if earned.

Step to the Rear, Please

March 01 1975 by ,

There's a better way to get to the head of the line if your time is worth very much.

Land Speculators

March 01 1975 by ,

The necessary and useful role they play.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1975/3

March 01 1975 by ,

"The Creative Ordeal" by Otto J. Scott

"Confessions of a Price Controller" by C. Jackson Grayson, Jr., with Louis Neeb

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