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March 1967

Volume 17, 1967


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Government by Men

March 01 1967 by ,

Robert Newell, from his farmstead in Michigan, sees the best hope for better government to be in the self-control exercised by better individuals.

Men, Not Money, Will Overcome Poverty

March 01 1967 by ,

Nor does author-journalist William Henry Chamberlin expect any alleviation of poverty from the political juggling of funds by persons isolated from the problem.

American Federalism: Future

March 01 1967 by ,

Those who understand and practice freedom may breathe new life into the forms of American Federalism, suggests Dr. Roche, and revitalize the government as an instrument of justice rather than forced equality.

Freedom: Our Dilemma

March 01 1967 by ,

How can we hope to bring freedom to other lands, or even our own, until each of us frees himself from the fears and prejudices of his animal nature?

The Challenge of Business

March 01 1967 by ,

For Junior Achievers, Tom Rose points up some of the basic principles and challenges of business life that may be helpful to businessmen of all ages.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1967/3

March 01 1967 by ,

Professor Walter Gellhorn's When Americans Complain arouses a note of protest from John Chamberlain.

For somewhat different approaches to the same thing, see Ayn Rand's Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal reviewed by Elizabeth Gillett, and Irving Howard's The Christian Alternative to Socialism reviewed by Norman Ream.

And now from his reviewer's chair, George Roche commends Our Western Heritage and The Scriptural Standard in Economics and Government, both by Edward Coleson.

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