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June 2004

Volume 54, 2004

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1914 and the World We Lost
World War I Ended the Classical Liberal Epoch

Choice Is Bad for Us?
Barry Schwartz Thinks Americans Have Too Many Options

Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom
The Austrian School Has Advanced the Cause of Freedom

Buying Foreign Goods Saves American Jobs
Consumer-Led Protectionism Is Born of Economic Illiteracy

Mises on Copyrights
New Technology Requires Refinement of Private Property Rights

Book Reviews – June 2004

Bermuda, Freedom, and Economic Growth
Bermuda Assists Ordinary People by Limiting Government Power

The Progressive Era’s Derailment of Classical-Liberal Evolution
We Must Repair Our Country's Impoverished Institutional Framework

Antiglobalists Are Scarce in Poor Countries
Affluent Protesters Miss the Mark

A Deficit of Understanding II
A Trade Deficit Is Not Necessarily Debt

Freedom of Conscience and the Welfare State
The Welfare State Compels Universal Participation

The Greatest Privatization Ever
Land Under Government Management Doesn't Create Wealth

Parting Company Is an Option
No One Should Use Force to Impose His Will on Others

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