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June 2002

Volume 52, 2002


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The War on Margarine

The Dairy Lobby Employed Many Weapons in its Long Fight
June 01 2002 by ,

The Living Wage Folly

How Living-Wage Ordinances Harm Workers and Taxpayers
June 01 2002 by ,

Sting Operations and the Separation of Powers

One-Party Taping Laws Throw Out Judicial Checks on Executive Arrogance
June 01 2002 by ,

The Economics of Infantilism

Whining Doesn't Create Wealth
June 01 2002 by ,

Lunch with a Free-Market Subversive

Peru's History Is a Grim Tale of Centralized Statism
June 01 2002 by ,

After That

Capitalism Is the Great Liberator
June 01 2002 by ,

Alaskan Courtesy

The Alaskan Appeals Court Errs on the Side of Liberty
June 01 2002 by ,

Parasite Economics

The Free Market Has No Systematic Victims
June 01 2002 by , ,

A Tale of Two Tariffs

Tariffs Do Not Protect Anything
June 01 2002 by ,

We're All Rawlsians Now!

What Makes a Society Just?
June 01 2002 by ,

A Painless Way to Triple Your Savings

How Individuals Can Solve Their Financial Problems without the Help of the State
June 01 2002 by ,

A Privatization Revolution in a Most Unlikely Place

Rwanda Is Engaged in the Continent's Most Ambitious Privatization Campaign
June 01 2002 by ,

When Mount Nyiragongo suddenly gushed red hot lava down its southern slope and destroyed the town of Goma in the Congo last January, hundreds of thousands of refugees poured into tiny neighboring Rwanda.

The War on Charity

Government Aid Crowds Out Private Charity
June 01 2002 by ,

Government Needs to Lose Weight

Being Overweight Is a Private, Not Public, Health Issue
June 01 2002 by ,

Absorbing Immigrants

Does America Have the Space and Resources to Allow Open Borders?
June 01 2002 by ,

Enron Lessons

Perfection Is a Standard That No System Can Meet
June 01 2002 by ,

No Responsibility, No Freedom

The Brave New World Is Here
June 01 2002 by ,

Capitalism Is a Government Project?

Even Conservatives Are Criticizing the Free Market
June 01 2002 by ,

Unfree Speech: The Folly of Campaign Finance Reform by Bradley A. Smith

The Last Word in Defense of Free Speech in Political Campaigns
June 01 2002 by ,

After Prohibition: An Adult Approach to Drug Policies in the 21st Century by Timothy Lynch

A Considerable Spectrum of Opinions on the Drug War
June 01 2002 by ,

The Financial Century: From Turmoils to Triumphs by Reuven Brenner

Financial Markets Further Prosperity and Decentralize Power
June 01 2002 by ,

Cuba in Revolution by Miguel A. Faria, Jr.

The Cuban People Are Suffering at the Hands of Fidel Castro
June 01 2002 by ,

Internal Improvement: National Public Works and the Promise of Popular Government in the Early United States by John Lauritz Larson

Can Transportation Networks Be Centrally Planned?
June 01 2002 by ,

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