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June 2000

Volume 50, 2000

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Another Reason for Airport Privatization
Government Ownership of U.S. Airports Thwarts Airline Competition

Merger Policy Fails Hi-Tech Test
Competition Is Not a Static, Zero-Sum Battle

Constitutional Intentions
The Intentions Behind the Constitution Varied Widely

The War Against Drug-Speech
Washington Hopes to Muzzle a Public Critical of the Failing War on Drugs

Trade and the Rise of Freedom
Restrictions on Trade Are Nothing Less Than an Act of Theft

Plunder by Way of War Is Rooted in Man's Nature

Economic Insecurity: Are We the Enemy?
Legislating Against Self-Interest Can Have Disastrous Results

The Evolution of Capitalism
Why Did Europe Develop a System of Market Capitalism?

Punishing the Many
Most Regulations Make the Accused Prove His Innocence

The Golden Rule and the Free Market
The Golden Rule Runs up Against a Cultural Wall When It Comes to Business

Don't Tax the Internet
Federal, State, and Local Governments Have Lost No Revenues to Expanding E-Commerce

NATO's Disastrous Victory in Kosovo
The Situation in Kosovo Deteriorates Daily

Can the Free Market Provide Public Education?
Entrepreneurship Can Produce Good Education for a Mass Society

It's the Margin That Counts
Explaining the Difference Between Marginal Value and Total Value

In Defense of the Rich
A Wealthy Class Benefits the Entire Economy

Nothing Left to Buy?
We Can't Imagine What Innovations the Future Holds

Bastiat's Birthday
There Was No Greater Champion of Liberty Than Frederic Bastiat

Internet Commerce Should Be Taxed?
Taxing Online Sales Would Restrict Intergovernmental Competition

A Republic, Not An Empire: Reclaiming America's Destiny
America Should Adopt a Noninterventionist Foreign Policy

Winners, Losers and Microsoft
The Best Product Is Usually the Winner

Dangerous Donations
Philanthropy Managed by "Professionals" Has Ill Effects

Environmental Cancer: A Political Disease
Americans Have Been Dumbed Down with Environmental Falsehoods

Rethinking Orphanages for the 21st Century
Government-Run Foster Care Is a Miserable Failure

False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism
A Book of Maudlin Sentiments About the Supposed Victims of Capitalism

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