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June 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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In Memoriam: Yale Brozen
An Honorable Scholar of Industrial Organization and Antitrust

The Attack on Concentration

Economics: A Branch of Moral Philosophy

Natural Society Revisited
A Happy Community Cannot Be Created by Force

The Origin of Religious Tolerance
Freedom of Commerce Is the True Wellspring of Religious Toleration

A Peaceful Ferment in Somalia
Can a Stateless Society Thrive in the Modern World?

Should Government Build the Railroads?
How Michigan's Foray into Public Transportation Networks Caused an Economic Collapse in the State

Great Turnabouts in Economics, Part II
Blaug's Conversion Toward Free-Market Capitalism Is on the Right Track

Trust Not in What Your Government Can Do for You
Should We Lament a Decline in Faith in Government?

Potomac Principles
Lack of Purpose Is No Bar to a Big Bureaucracy and Generous Budget

The Power of Incentives
Markets Are the Rules of Conduct That Harmonize Incentives

Cinema and the Capitalist Hero
Some Films Emphasize the Heroic Traits and Accomplishments of Businessmen

Foolish Inconsistencies
Statist Ideas Show Marked Inconsistency of Thought

Yale Brozen
A Man Who Helped Revive Widespread Acceptance of Free-Market Economics

Property Matters </i>and<i> Property Rights: Understanding Government Takings and Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulations Are Encroaching on the Traditional Rights of Private Citizens

Makers and Takers: How Wealth and Progress Are Made and How They Are Taken Away or Prevented
A Refutation of an Enormous Amount of Statist Disinformation

The Tyranny of Gun Control
A Collection of Useful Anti-Gun-Control Material

How Nations Grow Rich: The Case for Free Trade
A Readable and Well-Argued Defense of Free Trade

&quot;In Defense of Misers&quot;
Markets and Misers Provide More Benefits Than They Are Credited With

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