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June 1997

Volume 47, 1997


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John Jacob Astor and the Fur Trade: Testing the Role of Government

How an Entrepreneur Provided Better Products at Lower Cost
June 01 1997 by ,

Should Profits Be Shared with Workers?

Most Workers Want to Reap Gains without Risking Losses
June 01 1997 by ,

First, Let's Deregulate All the Lawyers

Unauthorized Practice of Law Statutes Make Many Consumers Worse Off
June 01 1997 by ,

The Pervasive Duty to Rescue

Only Private Charity Can Help Those Truly in Need of Assistance
June 01 1997 by ,

Russell Kirk's Conception of Decadence

Kirk Thought the Road to Avernus Captured America's Downward Descent
June 01 1997 by ,

The Gift of a Child: The Promise of Freedom

Immediate and Exclusive State Control Has Ruined Education
June 01 1997 by ,

Insurance Redlining and Government Intervention

Forcing Firms to Sell at Regulated Prices Is Detrimental to Consumers
June 01 1997 by ,

Frederic Bastiat, Ingenious Champion for Liberty and Peace

Bastiat Was a Scintillating Advocate of an Untrammeled Free Market
June 01 1997 by ,

Frederic Bastiat ranks among the most spirited defenders of economic freedom and international peace. Nobel Laureate F.A. Hayek called Bastiat a publicist of genius. The great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises saluted Bastiat's immortal contributions. Best-selling economics journalist Henry Hazlitt marveled at Bastiat's uncanny clairvoyance. Said intellectual historian Murray N. Rothbard: Bastiat was indeed a lucid and superb writer, whose brilliant and witty essays and fables to this day are remarkable and devastating demolitions of protectionism and of all forms of government subsidy and control.

The Liability Lottery: Politics by Other Means

In America's Courtrooms, neither Injury nor Fault Need Be Proven to Win
June 01 1997 by ,

Wards of the State?

The Welfare State Has Pernicious Effects
June 01 1997 by ,

The Unique Role of FEE

FEE Continually Educates People in the Moral and Intellectual Superiority of Liberty
June 01 1997 by ,

The Great Illusion

Why Can't We Conceive of Society except as Directed by a Central Omnipresent and Omnipotent State?
June 01 1997 by ,

1997 Index of Economic Freedom by Kim R. Holmes, Bryan T. Johnson, and Melanie Kirkpatrick

A Highly Useful Reference Work
June 01 1997 by ,

The Welfare State: No Mercy for the Middle Class by John McKay

A Book That Will Help Us Achieve a Free and Prosperous America
June 01 1997 by ,

The Political Racket: Deceit, Self-Interest and Corruption in American Politics by Martin L. Gross

A Generally Sensible Account of the Interventionist State
June 01 1997 by ,

The Road to Hell by Michael Maren

A Brutally Honest Personal Account of the Ravaging Effects of Foriegn Aid and International Charity
June 01 1997 by ,

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